Dear Green Place - Reviews

Marc Bauduin (Le Canard Folk Magazine - Belgium)

The song 'The Dear Green Place' tells the story of Glasgow's origins and was previously recorded by Alan Reid in Battlefield Band. Alan (vocal, accordion, piano, guitar, organ) and Rob (vocal, guitars, bass, keyboards and percussion) establish the tone of this album from the outset. The male voices capture our attention and articulate with ease traditional Scots songs in a clear and pleasing manner. The atmosphere is reinforced by arrangements that are uncluttered yet effective, rendering a seamless coherence to the whole project. The duo are joined on several tracks by Stewart Forbes (clarinet, sax), Felicia Dale (hurdy-gurdy) and Alistair Russell (backing vocals).


ARCHIE FISHER - Folk Musician / Singer / Songwriter

Thanks for the album Alan. More than an acceptable version of 'The Final Trawl', best interpretation yet by anyone. Good luck with the album and hope to meet up somewhere down the road.



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